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October 2015

Dear Fellow Members,

In looking at the calendar, I see we are approaching the end of 2015 at light speed! This  year had a different feel to previous years for most of us in the construction industry. The vast majority of our members reported improved numbers for business and some measure of optimism seems to have returned for most folks. Personally, I had to work hard this year at finding the time to meet the demands of  increased workload but I have done so with a grateful heart.

Perseverance is a wonderful trait and I think we all owe ourselves a small pat on the back for hanging in there through the lean years. Being one of a larger group helped me in knowing that we were all in this together and I found comfort, strength and resolve by sharing and interacting with my fellow NARI members. I look forward to more success stories with you all in 2016!

Best Regards,

2015-16 NARI of Greater Sacramento President

George Henley
Henley Homes, Inc.

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